Importing KuCoin to Accointing


  1. Log in into your KuCoin account and navigate to the API page (
  2. Create a new API keySet a Passphrase
  3. Select the 'General' permission.
  4. Enter your Key and your Secret in Accointing


  1. Download our excel template hereFill in your data
  2. Enter wallet/exchange name
  3. Choose the timezone you used for the data
  4. Upload the file to Accointing


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seems there is a new requirement to add an ip address... I can't figure which ip address it wants or where to find it... thanks in advance for help!

here's the part I was confused by... making the API key in Kucoin see attached screenshot... asks for ip address... I tried a couple... mine and what I thought might be for didn't work... 

I tried editing the api key in kucoin again and selected not to add any ip address and this time accointing accepted it... thanks...

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