The Errors.cvs file lists one error multiple times "Missing Classification". What does that even mean?

The Errors.cvs file lists one error multiple times "Missing Classification" Is this really an error, and what should I do about it?
The only classification that is specified in Full_Data_Set… is ‘Internal’
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When you go to you can classify all the transfers that have an open end. Did you connect all your wallets and exchanges with accointing? 

If yes, please start this reviewing process in step1 where you can check if we couldnt identify some currency mappings. 

And then in the second step we show all the possible Internal transfers. The Internal Transfers are all the movements you did between your own exchanges and wallets.

Usually we detect them automatically, but sometimes due to missing txids or some missing information our system cannot be 100% sure that this transaction is really an internal one. If step 2 is empty please move on to step 3 and 4. 

We have some tutorials here, but we will add the answers to your questions as well.

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