How else can I file cryptocurrency taxes? 

    Though there are numerous crypto tax software platforms available, not all of them provide good tax reports. Ultimately, the taxpayer is responsible for maintaining the necessary tax records related to cryptocurrency transactions. 

    Keeping records is essential to understanding how trades are taxed. This is not something easy for a person who doesn’t have basic accounting knowledge. A cryptocurrency accountant who specializes in the field can provide guidance on this. Hiring an accountant is the best way to prepare for the tax season for those who do not have the time or knowledge to do it on their own.

How to review a crypto tax report with an accountant? 

    It is essential to review the crypto tax report with one’s accountant to manage crypto taxes. An accountant can also help in reviewing the report prepared by using crypto tax software. This permits the accountant to view and download the completed tax forms directly from the dashboard. Many accountants manage this entire process for the client. Accountants use these forms to estimate the total gains and losses as the crypto tax software does.

Reviewing transactions classifications

    Once all the data has been imported on the tax software platform, there is an option to run reports on the same. The application does number-crunching by reconciling every trade executed. Once the process is completed, it generates the report. This makes it easier for the taxpayer to discuss the details with an accountant and file taxes accordingly. 


Generate a crypto tax report 

    Generating a crypto tax report can be done conveniently through the crypto tax software. Even accountants have to rely on some platforms for this purpose. Once this step is completed, information can be processed and reviewed. This is the final step before filing the tax forms.