Unable to sync my Binance with API

HI Team, 

I have been able to sync my Binance with the Binance API with the API key that I entered a few months ago. 

There were some breaks that I needed to manually enter, so I tried to upload a trades file but the format was wrong. As you can see from the screenshot below, it says the File Import has Failed. I decided to enter each of the trades manually so it is now updated. 

HOWEVER, it looks like the error message now stays there and the refresh button is gone. Please could you advise on how I can get the refresh button back - without having to recreate a new key? I have put in several weeks to reconcile the data with Binance so do not want to have to put in all the manual transactions again. 


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Looks like my sync button came back - not sure how to delete original post so updating status here.

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