Importing your Cardano address to Accointing


  1. Get your address or xpub key and enter it in Accointing
  2. Save the connection and Accointing will sync all the historical or future data automatically



  1. Download our excel template here
  2. Fill in your data
  3. Enter wallet/exchange name
  4. Choose the timezone you used for the data
  5. Upload the file to Accointing

Unfortunately the import via public key does not work, but it is very desirable to have. Maybe I am making a mistake? Could you show an example public key? With Cardano, they have many different keys in different formats, so I might just use the wrong key. If not, something doesn't work. Thanks a lot!

I simply take an action according to my own it may create lot of mistaken for other developer I really Apologize  regarding import via  API Key and Secret Key in my Dashboard but some are not success some successful, I find very difficulty to find out all my API Key as well as Secret Key. I need special guidance how to trace out. 

Please fix the import - it used to work for importing Cardano wallet addresses fine but for the last 3 days it has stopped working and gives an error on every attempted import/refresh. As this was working previously, what changed? (for me I never used an xpub key but rather the address of my Shelly wallet)

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